Info - Paul Halse Photography

Thank-you for allowing me to Photograph your newborn.

There is nothing more magical than when you become a parent and it is an honour for me to be a part of that experience by capturing & documenting one of the most special times in yours & your baby's life.

I am part of the Xperience Group, an independent collection of professional photographers specializing in a variety of photography subjects but with one goal: The Perfect photography xperience for all Your session.

I will follow your baby's lead. Therefore I need to allow plenty of time for feeds & cuddles. Therefore be aware that the session can take 3 hours to obtain the photographs you will cherish.

The room we will be using for the shoot needs to be toasty warm for your baby's comfort. Warm enough for adults to be comfortable in a short sleeved T-shirt.

Ideally it would be best, if possible, not to feed baby until the time of the shoot. That will mean baby will be drunk on milk and settle and relax.

Please have a small blanket to hand. This will smell of home as opposed to my backdrops & blankets. If baby becomes distressed wrapping baby in his/her blanket will be a comfort.

Finally. You are asked to simply sit back & relax & enjoy the moment whilst I photograph your baby, remember I am a trained professional.

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